Measures initiated by the Institution for the promotion of gender equity during the year 20-21

The institution is established to introduce as a co-educational institute and it is the principal moto of the college to give education to all the Gender irrespective of the Gender. There is no Gender disparity in the institution. Equal facilities have been provided to both boys and Girls. For the Boys and Girls, there is a Students Day Home, at the same time for the Girls there is a Girls’ Common room. There is no specific guide line for sitting of the Boys and the Girls in the Class rooms, they can sit as they like inside the classroom.

For the promotion of Gender equity, boysand girls are treated equally in the institute.There is a separate lavatory in the girls’ common room, one row of carol-type desks have been reserved for the Girls along with the Boys and hostel facilities have been provided only for girls in the College Campus when for the Boys Hostel have been proposed to build in the upcoming days