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Career counseling cell

Career and Guidance Cell of G.L.Choudhury college is the most important cell because on the basis of which we can attract more and more students for different courses. It will provide the fruitful guidance for choosing particular field for their better future. In modern education guidance is considered as a purposeful and dynamic activity which helps the students to develop their maximum capacity. Many options with different fields and kept open for Students because of interlinking with various kinds of sectors by the cell. It is a ongoing process. Career and Guidance Cell was considered as human resource development of country.
The career, Guidance and employment cell was established to provide jobs for young people. During second five year plan period vocational guidance and employment counseling was introduce as one of the national employment programme, hence employment exchange was set up in many town and cities.
According to this scheme national employment services made an attempt to initiate a programme of employment service for the Graduate and Post-Graduate students. The employment cell was managed by the employment office honorary with necessary help from the office. The function of it to provide information about jobs in various sectors or to give guidance to  start self employment by conducting seminars, lectures, campus interview, career mela etc. The councillor is concerned with the growth and development of the students in all the spheres.

Career Counseling Cell Committee

Convenor: Laba Kumar Kalita


  1. Khanindra Kumar Nath

  2. Miran Hussain Choudhury

  3. Dr. Shahidul Islam Jadid

  4. Abhishek Baruah

  5. Jyoti Prasad Bishas

  6. Subhrajit Sarma

  7. Manish Paul