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The Department of Philosophy of G.L.Choudhury College has been introduced since the very inception of the college on 1990.  The Dept. has been imparting instruction in the subject both for  HS and UG level. The department has got permission , concurrence and  affiliation at various stages.

  • A. Permission 1993-94.
  • A. part 1 concurrence 03/04/1995 (govt)
  • A. Part 2 concurrence 06/12/2008 (govt)
  • A part 1 affiliation 1994-95 ( temporary)
  • A. part 1 affiliation 08/04/2006 ( permanent)
  • A Major Permission 2/09/2011.

At the initial stage, Mr. Utpal Kalita, who was appointed as the founder teacher served the institution from 01/08/1990 to 16/07/1991.After he left the college  Mr. Jayanta Goswami  was appointed and he was serving the department for one year. After that Mrs. Nijara Deka Choudhury was duly appointed as lecturer on 10/08/1992 and she was serving the department very sincerely till 31/07/1994. After N.D. Choudhury, Mr. Narendra Das was serving the department from 05/09/1994/ to 31/07/1995.

On 1st September 1995, Mrs Dipika Devi Choudhury was appointed as a full time lecturer in the department. In the meantime, on 25/08/2003, Nijara Thakuria was appointed and she has been working in the department to till today. Mrs. D. D. Choudhury has managed the department very swiftly to 08/08/2011. After Mrs. D. D. Choudhury left the college, Mrs. N. Thakuria holding the responsibility of HOD. Afterwards Himashri Choudhury (22/08/2012) and Aktara Parbin (01/11/2021) joined the department. Again, Bina Basumatary, Doli Das, Kalpana Mandal, Sadek Ali, Sarojini Das and Alaishri Basumatary, Krishna Saha, Naba Pallab Newer, Parinita Das were also engaged as part time faculty members in between the tenure 01-09-2018 – 31-07-2019, Rijuwana Parbin (06-08-2019 – 31-03-2021) also served as contractual faculty member in the department. (Read more)

Dr. Nijara Thakuria (M.A , Ph.D)


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