Vision And Mission

Vision and Mission of G.L. Choudhury College



Vision of the Pioneer cum Chief donor of G.L. Choudhury College, Barpeta Road is that, it should be an ideal platform of  Higher Education exclusively for the girls but the then College establishing Executive Committee including the Chief Donor Lt. Mohan Lal Choudhury finally decided to establish G.L. Choudhury College as a Co-educational Higher Educational Institute. When it was established there were no HEI in the greater locality of Barpeta Road which could fulfill the increasing number of aspirants for Higher Education. Therefore, it was a prime Vision of the first Executive Committee to provide quality Higher Education through G. L. Choudhury College to cope with the rapid change of time and civilization as well as to produce real and efficient Human Resource from the greater Barpeta Road and its nearest places. At the same time, it has evolved with the intention of creating an environment where one can learn to enquire, to observe oneself and to relate to the earth. It is therefore imperative that the parents and the students should understand and appreciate the intention of the college and actively participate in this movement.


  • To provide quality Education accordingly the prepared Curriculum and syllabus of its affiliating University i.e. Gauhati University
  • To provide an ideal atmosphere of quality teaching-learning as required and demand of the time
  • To provide education to the students being a catalyst institution in the sphere of open Learning
  • To introduce short term ‘life and livelihood’ friendly academic programmes
  • To provide an ideal and healthy atmosphere for examination and evaluation
  • To encourage innovations and innovative programmes, the college will provide an atmosphere accordingly.
  • To be the part of social upliftment of its peripheral locality by which the Institution intends to the part of Nation Building mission of the Government.