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Publication Cell

G.L.Choudhury college has its own publication cell. The Cell was established in 2014. The G.L.Choudhury College Publication cell was created with a view to promoting and undertaking publications in various areas and for the different target groups. It has mainly concerned itself with the publication of the college and some general books, supplementary reading materials and research works etc. The Unit is expected to serve the college in all matters of printing. It is expected that in the near future the Unit will be equipped with modern machineries to serve the college and will be undertake public printing jobs from outside the campus.

This is largely a college self-financing Unit and has developed out of a small investment made at the time of its establishment. The press for which there is a separate Press Revolving Fund is also largely self-financing. The Unit is revamping its different units based on elaborately prepared blueprints and has been undertaking almost all printing jobs emanating from the various departments and cells of the college.

Publication   Cell members

Sl. No Designation Name
1 President / Principal i/c Mr. Jagannath Barman
2 Convenor Hemanta Kr. Das



Dr. Jaya Biswas Kunda
Rupamani Kakati
Mukut Khan
Kalyan Ch. Talukdar
Sonjay Basumatary