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Parents and Guardians Cell

Parent Teachers Interaction Cell (PTIC)


About PTIC

Parent Teachers Interaction Cell (PTIC) is a very active association working in the college to promote good relationship among the members of the teaching staff, students and parents/ guardians of the students and to create in members a keen interest for the smooth working of the college and for maintaining good discipline and high academic standards.



  • Promoting the self-responsibility of students towards learning and skills development in association with parents.
  • To effectively communicate between parents, teachers and students on various strategies of the college for the progress of the student.
  • Instil ideas upon parents to uplift and motivate their wards as ethically and socially committed professionals.
  • To involve parents in decision making process related to holistic development of the students.


  • Interest and support of the parents will improve the overall performance of the students.
  • The involvement of parents might help the institution to raise resources for its various activities.
  • Extended support from both parents and students even after their course completion.
  • Enhancement of the brand name of G.L. CHOUDHURY COLLEGE.

PTIC Activities

  • Helping the departments to conduct PTA meeting once in a semester. Support the departments to obtain appropriate feedbacks from the parents and analyse the same for further development.
  • Monitor whether the following information are communicated to parents by the respective departments.
    • Academic information such as internal marks, attendance, university results, exam timetable and academic schedule.
    • Activities/Functions of the college such as college day, sports day, conferences, symposium, placement activities, scholarship, student insurance and other club activities.
  • Link the parent with the departments for endowments and consultancies.
  • Link the parent with the departments for utilizing them as Resource persons for Seminar, Symposium, Workshop and Guest Lectures.

Parent guardian Interaction Cell members

Sl. No Designation Name
1 President / Principal i/c Mr. Jagannath Barman
2 Convenor Miran Hussain Choudhury



Mukut Khan
Ananda ghosh
Dr. Nijara Thakuria
Nripen Das
Tiken Ch. Nath