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Year of Establishment: 1990

Faculty profile with name, qualification, designation, specialization etc:

Name Qualification  Designation Specialisation No. of years of experience No.of Ph.D.studens

Guided for

Last 4 years

Salim Uddin M.A. Asst. Prof.(HOD) open 21 Years Nil
Muslem Uddin Ahmed M.A. B.Ed Asst. Prof. open 20 Years Nil
Dr. Shahidul Islam Jadid M.A., M. Phill., Ph.D Asst. Prof. open 15 Years Nil


Future plans:

  • Organizing National and state level Seminars and workshop.
  • To upgrade the departmental library.
  • Organizing a ‘Research Forum’ with the help of faculty members of the department of Education  of some neighbouring colleges.
  • To make the subject more popular, extension lecture programme to be taken among the feeder schools.